How to Use Visa eGift Card in Store [Step by Step Guide]

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So, you just purchased or have been gifted a Visa eGift Card. This digital card offers shopping convenience both online and in physical stores. To use Visa eGift card in store, you have to ensure that you are aware of the card’s expiration date and follow any activation steps. Once activated, you can check its balance and then proceed to use it for your purchases.

You’d just have to select “Visa” at checkout, input the card details, and you are good to go. Unfortunately, some merchants have specific requirements for using Visa gift cards and may not accept Visa Gift card in store, so always check their policies. This virtual card is generally acceptable online.

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  • Visa eGift Cards can be used both online and in physical stores. Ensure you’re aware of the card’s expiration date and follow activation steps.
  • Not all stores accept Visa eGift cards. Organize your eGift cards on your phone for easy access during checkout.
  • To use in-store, you might need to redeem it. This could involve clicking a “Redeem” button and printing the card details for physical use.

Can eCard Visa Be Used in Stores?

Visa eGift cards, also known as digital gift cards, are becoming more popular. But how practical are they when shopping in brick-and-mortar stores? The experience can differ based on how prepared you are. But first, you need to know if the store accepts Visa Gift cards as not all stores do. Visa Gift cards can only generally be used online.

Imagine being at the checkout counter, about to pay for your items. You suddenly recall having Visa eGift cards stored on your phone. But where exactly? Is it in a mobile wallet? Maybe a gift card app? Did you take a screenshot of the digital codes, or did you plan to access the email with the card details? Searching for the card while a line of shoppers waits behind can be nerve-wracking.

To avoid such scenarios, it’s advisable to organize your eGift cards well in advance. Keep them in an easily accessible location on your phone. This way, when it’s time to make a purchase, you won’t feel rushed or stressed. In essence, while eGift cards are convenient for in-store use, ensuring they’re ready to go when you need them can make the shopping experience smoother.

How to Use Visa eGift Card in Store

How to Use Visa eGift Card in Store

Want to use your Visa eGift card in-store? It’s easy! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Check Your Card

Look for the expiration date and activation instructions on your card.

2. Activate Visa Gift Card

If needed, activate your card. This might involve calling a phone number (1-833-634-3155) or visiting a given website.

3. Know Your Balance

Before shopping, ensure you know how much is on the card. Call the number on the back (1-833-634-3155) or go to the card issuer’s website to check.

4. Shop with the eGift Card

Head to the store and pick out what you want. But first, inform the cashier in advance that you’ll be using an eGift card for payment. This gives them time to prepare the cash register if needed.

5. Checkout

When you are ready to pay, choose “Visa” as the payment type.

6. Enter Card Details

Type in your Visa gift card number. If asked, also input the expiration date and CVV (the security code). You will also have to fill in other needed details, maybe your name or a billing address. Confirm and wait to finalize your purchase.

Not all shops accept Visa eGift cards online though. So, they might ask for a registered billing address. Always check the store’s rules first. Your Visa eGift card will only be good for 6 months after you get it. Don’t forget to use it.

How to Redeem Visa e Gift Card

To use Visa e Gift card in store after you receive it, you will have to redeem it. The specific store will provide a button that could read, “Redeem Your Gift Card”.

1. Click “Redeem”

After clicking, you will be directed to a page showing details about your gift card. This page will tell you how to use the card online, with a mobile wallet, or give you the option to print it for in-store use.

2. View Visa eGift Card Details

  • You’ll find the card number displayed on this page.
  • For the security code (CVV), you can find the option just below the card details.
  • Want to add the card to a digital wallet? Just follow the instructions on the right side of the card display, both front and back views.

3. Print it for In-store Use

If you’d like to use Visa e Gift card in store (physical stores), you can print it. All the necessary details will be shown on the front of the page when you print.

For any assistance related to your eGift Card, don’t hesitate to call Visa directly at 1-833-634-3155.

Can You Print an e Gift Card?

Yes, you can print an eGift card. While eGift cards are convenient and can be sent with just a click, they might not feel as personal as a physical gift. If you want to give someone a physical eGift card, you can email the digital gift card to yourself, download the PDF, and then print it. This way, you can hand over a tangible gift, combining the convenience of eGift cards with the personal touch of a physical one.

How Do I Get Cash from My Visa e-Gift Card?

1. Use Your Visa Gift Card as Cash

Instead of converting the card, you can use it directly for your daily transactions. Whether it’s paying for utilities, food, or housing costs, you can use the Visa gift card just like any other debit card. Major retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, and most local supermarkets accept these cards. This method allows you to indirectly convert your gift card into goods or services.

2. Sell Your Visa Gift Card Online

If you prefer to have cash instead of a card, there are online platforms like Prepaid2Cash and CardCash where you can sell your gift card. These platforms offer a way to liquidate gift cards from various merchants. However, when selling online, always be cautious and avoid potential scams.

3. Purchase Money Orders

Another strategy to convert your Visa gift card into cash is by buying a money order. You can visit post offices or banking kiosks, use your gift card to purchase a money order, and then deposit that money order into your bank account. It’s a slightly indirect method, but it effectively turns your gift card balance into cash in your bank account.

4. Buy and Resell Products

A more entrepreneurial approach is to use the gift card to purchase items, preferably at a discount, and then resell them online on platforms like eBay or Amazon. While this method requires some effort and has an element of risk, it can be profitable if done correctly.

5. Transfer to Digital Wallets

Platforms like PayPal and Venmo allow users to link gift cards and transfer the balance to their digital wallets. If using PayPal, for example, transfer the money from the Visa eGift card to PayPal. Once the funds are in your PayPal account, transfer it to your bank account linked to PayPal. Follow this guide to add a Visa gift card to PayPal.

6. Sell the Card to Someone You Know

If you’re in a situation where you need cash immediately, consider offering the card to a friend or acquaintance. You can sell it at face value or offer a slight discount as an incentive.


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