How to Use Paypal Credit in Store Without Card

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Let’s consider this scenario: you’re on a journey and you’re running short on cash until you return home. Now, you are wondering if there’s a possibility to use PayPal Credit in store without card, say around $100, for gas or groceries. Well, you can’t directly use your PayPal Credit at an actual store – it only works on online stores where PayPal payment is accepted.

PayPal Credit is a convenient and reusable credit line that’s integrated with your PayPal account. It enables you to pay for your purchases at a later date.¹ While you can’t use it at a brick-and-mortar store, you can use it online. Simply choose PayPal Credit as your payment method during checkout. You can also apply and get approved on the spot if you don’t already have PayPal Credit.

How to use Paypal Credit in store without card

How to use Paypal Credit in store without card

We’ve already explained that you can’t use PayPal Credit to shop in a physical store, except online. But we have covered some walk-arounds that will help you access cash from your PayPal credit and shop in store.

1. Transfer your PayPal Credit to a friend

Since you can’t use PayPal Credit in a physical store, send the PayPal Credit funds to your friend or family member using your PayPal Credit as the payment method. Then have them transfer the PayPal Credit funds back to yours. If you have a PayPal debit card, you can access the funds from there. That shows you use Paypal Credit in store without card.

If you wish to transfer money using PayPal Credit, log into your PayPal account. Set up your payment and choose PayPal Credit as your preferred payment method. It’s as easy as that.

Do remember, transfers in USD are charged similarly to a credit or debit card. This is treated as a cash advance and interest is applied from the moment you make the payment. Currency conversion costs apply if you’re sending money from your PayPal Credit internationally. We’ll cover the complete fee structure soon.

Unfortunately, if your PayPal is the UK PayPal, you can’t send money from it to your friend or family. Only works for the US PayPal account.²

Meanwhile, you could be able to get money from your traditional credit card using PayPal.

2. Switch to online shopping

To use PayPal Credit for your purchases, first, apply for a line of credit with PayPal Credit. Once approved, it gets linked to your PayPal account. Now, you can shop from your preferred online stores and use this credit line for payment. At the checkout, select the PayPal Credit option to pay.

3. Buy a gift card online and shop with it in store

Consider buying a gift card and then using it to shop at a physical store. One option is to visit a retailer that accepts PayPal, such as Dollar General. Here, you might be able to use your PayPal credit to purchase a cash card.

Alternatively, consider purchasing a Walmart gift card online using your PayPal credit, printing it out, and then redeeming it in-store for gas or a cash card.

You should be able to get a gift card for a large retail store, which can then be used to buy a gas gift card. Do confirm with the store first to ensure they allow purchasing gift cards with another gift card. While some stores may not permit this, most do, barring Vanilla Visa cards. You should be able to buy a Shell or Chevron card with a Walmart gift card, for example. Remember, you need to set this up before your purchase since you can’t just walk into a store and use the account.

Steps to apply for PayPal Credit if you don’t already have one

Having known how to use Paypal Credit in store without card, applying for PayPal Credit is a quick online process.

  1. Sign in to your PayPal account and select Apply for PayPal Credit.
  2. Enter your personal details including date of birth and SSN.
  3. Review and confirm your information by PayPal.
  4. Your account gets verified instantly and you receive a decision.

If approved, you can immediately start shopping with PayPal Credit.

Again, using your PayPal Credit line is only possible at any online e-commerce store that accepts PayPal. At checkout, opt for PayPal and then choose PayPal Credit as your desired payment method.

PayPal Credit fees

PayPal Credit is not a cost-free service. Depending on its usage, you might encounter fees and interest charges. Here’s what you should remember.

Interest is charged under different circumstances. If you make a purchase of 99 USD or more, you won’t be charged interest for 6 months. However, there are situations when you can be charged. Purchases below 99 USD accrue interest from the date of purchase.

Money transfer transactions accrue interest from the transaction date, i.e., money from your PayPal Credit that you send to friends in the US or internationally.

If you spend 99 USD or more but don’t fully pay it off in 6 months, interest is added from the date of purchase

Remember, if you pay your PayPal bills fully in every billing cycle, you might not have to pay any interest on your PayPal Credit account.

PayPal Credit fees and interest³

Type of cost PayPal fee
Interest (APR) 23.99%
Minimum interest charge $2 USD
Late payment fees Up to $40 USD
Returned payment fee Up to $29 USD
Domestic payment 2.90% + fixed fee
International payment 5%

Stores that accept PayPal Credit

You’ll be glad to know that PayPal Credit can be used at almost any business that accepts standard PayPal payments. This includes eBay and other popular stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Overstock, and Wayfair.⁴

While some stores may display the PayPal Credit option at checkout, others might not. But don’t worry, even if you don’t see it if the store accepts PayPal, it also accepts PayPal Credit. Simply select PayPal as your payment method at checkout, then pick PayPal Credit on the following page.

What if you don’t have a PayPal account?

You can apply for an account at checkout to use Paypal Credit in store without card. You’ll need to provide your birth date and the last four digits of your Social Security number and agree to the Terms of Service. We’ll process your application immediately.

You can make payments on your balance either from your PayPal balance or directly from your bank account.

Regarding security, PayPal provides “zero fraud liability” protection. This means you’re not responsible for unauthorized charges. If your account is compromised and misused, we guarantee you’ll get all of your money back.

When it’s best to use PayPal Credit

If your purchases are usually $99 or more and you’re confident about clearing your dues in 6 months, PayPal Credit can be a beneficial tool. It can also be helpful if you can pay off your bills every billing cycle, minimizing interest costs.

Be aware of the potential fees associated with this service – it’s like any other credit line. Delayed payments can lead to penalties and rapidly accumulating interest.

Transferring funds to friends and family using PayPal Credit can also involve additional costs due to transfer fees and currency conversion charges for international transactions. Be sure to review the entire fee structure before you sign up.


How do I pay with PayPal Credit at the store?

You can only pay with PayPal Credit at stores online, not at a physical store. During checkout, simply select PayPal Credit as your payment option.

Can I use my PayPal Credit without a card?

Yes, you can use PayPal Credit without a card. PayPal Credit works like a virtual credit card.

Can I use PayPal Credit to an actual store?

No, you can’t currently use PayPal Credit at an actual store, only online stores. To shop with PayPal at an actual store, scan the PayPal QR code and use your debit card or bank to complete the payment.

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