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Is Scholarship Points Legit? [A User’s Honest Review]

Scholarship Points Legit

Is Scholarship Points legit? Well, they are legit but they exist to make money from users. According to ScholarshipPoints, since 2006, they have given away scholarships totaling over $1 million. Every month and quarter, they offer students chances to win scholarships to support their college education. While their claim is possible, it is based on mere estimates to entice students—so, even ScholarshipPoints is not sure they have assisted students get scholarships anywhere close to this figure.

They also have a “winner’s wall” There, you can see all the scholarship recipients, sorted by year when you click on the “Select Year” option. But can this even be trusted?

Meanwhile, Edvisors runs ScholarshipPoints.com. They are best at offering resources to assist students and families in preparing and paying for college. ScholarshipPoints is just there to provide students with more opportunities to fund their studies. But their claims are just not reasonable, that’s not to say they are not legit.

Key Takeaways

  • ScholarshipPoints is a legit platform that offers students opportunities to win college scholarships.
  • It provides various ways to earn points and enter scholarship drawings, but there’s no guarantee of winning.
  • While legit, it primarily exists to generate profit, so consider your time investment carefully.

What is ScholarshipPoints?

ScholarshipPoints is a membership program that offers opportunities for students to win college scholarships. They also provide articles with tips and advice for students, such as “Weird Scholarship Requirements for Students”, “Make the Right Choices when Applying for Scholarships”, and “How to Increase Your Scholarship Odds”.

Unlike many scholarship sites, ScholarshipPoints is unique and provides multiple opportunities to win without necessarily having a high GPA or numerous extracurriculars.

The special edge of ScholarshipPoints include:

  1. No need for essays or an impressive academic record.
  2. Scholarships are awarded throughout the year, not just one grand prize.
  3. Even smaller awards are provided to increase the number of winners.

While some sites give just one entry for a single sweepstake, at ScholarshipPoints, you accumulate points and use them for single or multiple entries. They also collaborate with other companies to offer even bigger prizes.

Is Scholarship Points Legit?

Scholarship Points Legit

Many students have shared their experiences, indicating that it’s a trustworthy site with numerous organizations providing scholarships. However, some have found it tough to win scholarships even after accumulating points.

ScholarshipPoints asks for personal details and requires you to complete tasks to earn points. These points only give you a chance to win, not a guaranteed scholarship.

Practically, the time you spend trying to earn points could be better used in other productive ways, like generating income to fund education.

A former user mentioned that while they don’t recall the exact workings of Scholarship Points, they found it reasonable. The site’s FAQ mentions distributing over $100K in scholarships annually. Considering the potential earnings from surveys and data collection, it seems possible for them to offer these scholarships and still make a profit. They might also collaborate with educational institutions and organizations to fund these scholarships.

However, there are contrasting views. Some label ScholarshipPoints.com as a scam, claiming it directs users to numerous surveys without awarding points.

Similar concerns have been raised about other platforms like Unigo and Niche. It’s disheartening for many to see such sites, leading to calls for more stringent checks on such platforms.

Pros Cons
1. Frequent raffles for $1,000 scholarships 1. No cash or gift card substitutes
2. Chance to win scholarships up to $10,000 2. No guarantee of winning, even with regular draws
3. Annual distribution of $100,000 in scholarships
4. Opportunity to boost entries by referring friends

How Does ScholarshipPoints Work?

Members earn points by engaging in fun activities provided by their partners, such as playing games or taking surveys. These points then become entries for scholarship draws. No GPA or essays? No problem.

When you sign up on ScholarshipPoints, you can begin collecting points. Activities like playing games, solving puzzles, participating in surveys, and even joining other scholarship contests contribute to your points.

These points can then be used to enter scholarship drawings, allowing you to win scholarships worth over $10,000.

The platform is not just about earning and winning. It is also a hub for students and their families and offers updated college planning information.

Advertisers see value in Scholarship Points as it allows them to showcase their offerings to a student audience.

The feedback collected from surveys aids partner firms, including Edvisors, in their marketing strategies.

A standout feature of this program is that students can secure scholarships without filling out lengthy applications or writing essays.

How Much Can You Make from ScholarshipPoints?

Scholarship Points is a platform where you can gather points and use them to enter scholarship drawings.

Instead of using the points for direct redemptions, you save them up for chances to win scholarships. Every month, there are regular $1,000 draws and even bigger ones that can go up to $10,000 or more.

When you join, you’ll have a dashboard where you can take various surveys. These surveys might ask about your shopping behaviors, opinions on different products, and more. Scholarship Points tries to match you with surveys that fit your profile.

Ways to Earn Points on ScholarshipPoints

1. Invite Friends

If you find value in Scholarship Points, why not let your friends know? By inviting them with your unique referral code, you can earn 200 points for every friend who signs up.

2. Engage on Social Media

The platform has its presence on social media, and they love it when members interact there. By sharing links from Scholarship Points on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can help others learn about its legitimacy. For every click on your shared link, you’ll earn 25 points.

3. Play and Earn

On your dashboard, you’ll find various games to play. From trivia to other fun games, there’s something for everyone. Playing these games can also help you accumulate more points.

Scholarship Points Hacks

  1. Register only a single account to avoid complications.
  2. Engage in as many surveys as you can.
  3. Configure your email settings to receive survey alerts.
  4. Always provide truthful answers when participating in surveys.
  5. Act promptly and take surveys immediately upon receipt.

How to Redeem on ScholarshipPoints

Every month, Scholarship Points presents a minimum of three scholarships worth $1,000 each.

There’s a quarterly opportunity to win a $10,000 scholarship. If you’re lucky enough to be chosen, you’ll receive a phone call.

But remember, you only have three days to claim your reward. If you miss out, another lucky member will be selected.

Also, the scholarships are often named based on seasons or special occasions. For instance, you might come across titles inspired by Easter, Earth Day, or even April Fool’s Day. But don’t be misled by the names; the key is to participate before the specified deadline to be eligible for the draw.

Think of every point you earn as a ticket to a scholarship raffle. It’s up to you how you want to use these points. Whether you want to enter one draw or multiple, the choice is yours.

The more points you gather and use, the higher your chances of winning.

Lastly, the selection process is entirely random. To see if you’ve won, keep an eye on the website’s Winner’s Wall or check your email for announcements from Scholarship Points.

How to Join Scholarship Points

  1. Begin by filling out a profile to sign up for ScholarshipPoints.
  2. Enter your name, email address, age, and school year.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Confirm your email.
  5. After becoming a member, complete your profile.

Now, you can start receiving survey invites. When you become a member, you are automatically entered into a drawing for a $2,500 scholarship.

Don’t forget to log in every day to receive points just for that simple action.

Keep an eye on Edvisors’ Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as ScholarshipPoints’ Instagram. They often share bonus codes, especially on days like Bonus Point Tuesdays.

Join ScholarshipPoints

Conclusion—is Scholarship Points Legit?

Is ScholarshipPoints legit? Yes, it is. However, before you decide to join, know that they ask for your personal details.

To accumulate points, you’ll need to complete specific tasks. These points only offer you a mere “opportunity” to win, not a guarantee.

The truth is that you’re dedicating your precious hours for a slim chance at a minor scholarship. During this time, you could be generating actual income or funds for your education.

While they operate legally, their primary objective is profit. So, you are trading your time for a “raffle ticket.”

If you need a surefire way or a better return on the time you invest, it might be best to explore different avenues. On the flip side, if you find microtasks entertaining and would be doing them regardless, then why not? There’s a chance, albeit small, that you could bag a $10,000 scholarship.

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