Random Person Sent Me Money on Cash App | What to Do 

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A random person sent me money on Cash App, what should I do? If you have received money from a random, unknown person on Cash App, it could be a scam or an honest mistake. This has happened to you twice. While it’s not a huge amount, it’s still enough to make someone upset if they sent it by mistake. You can either try to refund it or reach out to Cash App’s support.

The average person will suggest making a refund. That is the right thing to do. However, if the sender reaches out and requests a fresh payment to another Cash App account, it’s a scam. The funds you received are from a stolen card. So, when you send the funds back to them on another account, Cash App will initiate a chargeback on your account and you never get your money back. That said, you should hold onto the funds and wait for further instructions from Cash App.

Random Person Sent Me Money on Cash App

A random person sent me money on Cash App, could this be a scam or an honest mistake?

It Might Be a Scam

When you get money from a stranger on Cash App, you need to be careful yourself. Sometimes, scammers send money to Cash App users deliberately. They hope you will resend the same amount to another Cash App account or through any other payment platform. This is often a scam. The sender likely used a stolen card or a hacked Cash App account to send you money. After you receive the funds, they ask for it back, claiming they made an error. Do not send it back right away.

If you agree to send the money back, it’ll come out of your bank account. The person who tricked you might then move your money to their card or another hacked account. Later, when the real owner of the stolen card or account finds out, they’ll notify their bank to get their money back. Here, the bank takes the money from your own Cash App or bank account. So, the scammer gets the money you sent, and you might have to pay back the person who was robbed from your pocket.

This has happened to my friend this month. A random person sent him $150. They didn’t ask for a refund but wanted the money resent via Zelle. It felt like a scam. He simply did a refund. This means that the money goes back to the card they used, which might be stolen. It is safer to refund the money rather than send them the equivalent.

If you check the profile of the random person who sent you money, you may notice that it is their only transaction. Be careful out there.

It Could Be an Honest Mistake

It is possible to receive money from a random person on Cash App by accident. Sometimes, people mistakenly send money because they type in the wrong $Cashtag. Even if you think it’s an honest mistake, you need to handle it like you would with a suspicious transaction. You want to make sure to return the money safely.

If the sender asks for a refund, it’s probably a genuine error. Just so you know, if they request a refund rather than a fresh payment, it’ll go straight to the method they used to pay. So, there’s no way for them to double dip.

What to Do if a Random Person Sends Me Money on Cash App

A random person sent me money on Cash App, so what do I do now?

1. Refund the Money After Notifying Cash App

If a stranger sends you money on Cash App, don’t rush to spend it or reply to their messages. Here’s how you can safely refund it:

  1. Click the Activity tab, which is at the bottom-right of Cash App.
  2. Find and select the unexpected payment.
  3. Click on the three-dot menu.
  4. Choose Refund.
  5. Confirm by tapping OK.

2. Decline the Payment Request

If you receive a request for money from the person asking you to send them the amount equivalent, do not respond. Do this instead:

  1. Open Cash App.
  2. Tap the Activity icon (located at the bottom-right).
  3. Find the money request.
  4. Click More Options or the three-dot menu at the top-right.
  5. Select Decline Request.

You can report suspicious activity. Simply, click “Decline & Report This Request” to notify Cash App about the potential scammer.

3. Be Cautious When Using Cash App

There’s a chance it could be a scam or even illegal activity. If you decide to send the money back without using the proper channels, the sender might reverse their original payment, leaving you in a tough spot.

4. Reach Out to Cash App Support

Contact Cash App’s support team immediately to notify them about the money you received from a random person. Call them at 1 (800) 969-1940. Provide them with all the details.

Note: If the sender tries to contact you, don’t engage with them. Only communicate with Cash App staff through official channels. Make sure you’re 100% certain it’s them before sharing any information.

Is it Safe to Receive Money from a Stranger on Cash App?

It is generally not safe to receive money from strangers as you may not know the origin of the funds. As explained earlier, funds you receive from a stranger might turn out to be from a stolen card, especially if they request a payment rather than a refund. A refund will go back to the card the funds come from, so it is safer to make refunds than pay the sender an equivalent of the amount.

Tips to Protect Yourself from Cash App Scams

Look Out for Phishing

Be cautious when you get emails, texts, or calls that say they’re from Cash App support. If someone reaches out to you saying they’re from Cash App, don’t share any personal details with them, including your username, PIN, social security number, or address.

Instead of responding, do the following:

  1. Go to the Cash App on your device.
  2. Click on your profile, then Support, and then Chat.
  3. Tell the support team about the funds.

Remember, Cash App support will never ask you to do test transactions or tell you to download other apps.

Verify Cash App Emails

Be on the lookout for fake messages or emails that try to trick you. While Cash App might send you messages or emails, they’ll only have links to square.com, squareup.com, cash.app, or cash.me. And the only email addresses they use end with @cash.app, @square.com, or @squareup.com.

If you see different links or email addresses, it’s not from Cash App. Keep your account safe by only logging into Cash App by using the app on your phone or by typing https://cash.app in your browser. If you also have a brokerage account with Cash App, you might get emails from support@drivewealth.com.

Block the Stranger

If a stranger sends you money or asks for money on Cash App, you can block them to stop them from contacting you again. First, refund the money or cancel the payment request. Then, go to the Activity tab, click the person’s name, scroll down, and tap Block.

Beware of Scams

Watch out for the cash flipping and clearance fee scams. If someone promises to double your money for a fee, it’s a trap. They won’t send you anything.

Be cautious of payment and prize claims. If you get a message or call about winning something or owe money, it’s likely a scam. Never send money to claim a prize.

Deposit scams are sneaky. Scammers might lure you with realistic photos of pets or homes on platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. They’ll ask for a deposit via Cash App. Always meet the seller face-to-face before making any payments.

Manage Who Can Request Money on Cash App

  1. Click on the profile symbol.
  2. Go to Security & Privacy.
  3. In the “Incoming Requests” section, choose Contacts only.
  4. Or, if you prefer, you can turn off all money requests.

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Recognize Scams and Keep Your Money Safe with Cash App. Cash App

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