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How to Put Money on Cash App Card at ATM

How to Put Money on Cash App Card at ATM

Let’s be direct here, you cannot put money on Cash App card at ATM—not at the moment. ATMs simply don’t support direct deposits to your Cash App card. What you can do with an ATM is take money out from your Cash App Cash Card.

But there are alternatives. If you have cash on hand and want to add it to your Cash App card, you can head to stores like Walmart, 7-Eleven, or Walgreens. Another option is transferring money from a bank account linked to Cash App.

The steps you will see in this guide work for both iPhone and Android users. Just make sure to settle with the option that works best for you.

Key Takeaways

  • You can’t put money on your Cash App card at an ATM; they only allow withdrawals.
  • To add funds to your Cash App card, you can link your bank account within the app.
  • Another option is to deposit paper money at specific stores like Walmart, Walgreens, or 7-Eleven, or use Bitcoin to add money to your Cash App card.

Can I Put Money on My Cash Card at an ATM?

Although ATMs won’t allow you to add money to your Cash App Cash Card, there are other ways to add funds.

You have the option to add cash at specific stores that offer this service but do note that there’s a charge of $1.00 for every transaction. You will be able to avoid such fees by linking your bank account to Cash App. Then transfer money from your bank to Cash App for free. If you select the debit card option, Cash App will charge a fee for instant funding.

Besides, while depositing cash at an ATM isn’t possible, you can always use your Cash Card to take out money from any nearby ATM.

How to Put Money on Cash App Card at ATM

How to Put Money on Cash App Card at ATM

Unfortunately, ATM deposits for Cash App cards aren’t supported at the moment. However, there are other means you can use to put money on Cash App card at ATM.

1. Fund Cash App Card from Your Bank

ATMs do not support loading money to a Cash App card. Instead, linking a bank to your Cash App offers a seamless way to fund your card. First, you must have a debit card on Cash App for bank addition.

1. Connect Your Bank to Cash App

  1. Open Cash App.
  2. Tap the profile icon on the top-right of your screen.
  3. Scroll slightly and you’ll see the “Linked Banks” option in the “Personal” segment. For any banks or cards already linked, they’ll appear in “Accounts”. For a new addition or another bank, click Link Bank. Sometimes it might show “Link Credit Card”.
  4. Tap Continue to reveal Cash App’s tie-up with Plaid for a secure bank link-up.
  5. Select your bank to be directed to the login portal. A set of renowned banks pops up. If yours isn’t there, search for it.
  6. Use your online banking details to sign in. Sometimes, a security code might be requested. Decide if you want it via text or email. When you receive the code, enter it, and tap Submit.
  7. If you have a Savings or Checking account, select the preferred one. A message confirming the link will be displayed, indicating a successful linkage.

2. Put money on Cash App card using your bank

  1. Identify the Banking tab at the screen’s bottom. It could be a $ symbol or a bank icon.
  2. If you have already linked a bank, this is where your money transfer starts. If you have cash, first deposit it at an ATM, then move it to Cash App.
  3. Tap Add Cash, located right below your available balance. You can either select a preset value or use the three dots to specify an amount.
  4. Tap the green Add button.

The amount will be transferred from the linked bank account to your Cash App card. For an instant transfer, use the debit card option – but it comes with a fee. If you want to put money on Cash App card for free, use the standard option which is your bank account.

*To add your bank account, you must have first added a debit card. Otherwise, you won’t see the option to add a bank.

2. Deposit Paper Money into Cash App Card

Even though you cannot put money on Cash App card at ATM, you can add paper money to your Cash App card when you’re close to a partnered retailer. Here’s how:

  • First, go to your Cash App and click on the Banking section.
  • Look for the Paper Money option and then use the provided map to spot a deposit location around you. If you’re looking for a specific place, the search bar can be used to type in an address.
  • When at the store, let the cashier know you want to deposit money into Cash App via your barcode. For cashiers unfamiliar with the process, guide them with the in-app instructions.
  • After the cashier scans your Cash App barcode, hand over the amount of cash you intend to deposit. This amount will instantly show in your Cash App balance.
  • Remember to retain the deposit receipt.

Walmart, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, and Speedway are among the many merchants that facilitate these paper money deposits.

Cash App charges a $1 fee for each paper money deposit. The deposit limit is $1,000 over 7 days and $4,000 across 30 days. The minimum transaction is $5, while the maximum per transaction is $500.

Some shops might ask you to swipe your Cash Card. In such cases, ask the cashier to scan your app’s barcode.

Also, some retailers may ask for ID verification, so have your ID with you.

3. Add Money with Bitcoin on Cash App Card

For those interested in crypto, you can easily add money to your Cash App card using Bitcoin. Here’s how:

Receiving Bitcoin

  1. Bitcoin can be received from any wallet through the blockchain.
  2. The least amount you can get to a $Cashtag is 0.00001 BTC or 1,000 Satoshis.

Sending Bitcoin through Cash App

  1. Open Cash App and head to the payment section.
  2. Change from USD to BTC by clicking on the USD option.
  3. Type in the amount you wish to send (at least $1).
  4. Enter the receiver’s $Cashtag, phone, or email.
  5. Review and approve the transfer. This type of transfer is called a peer-to-peer (P2P) transaction.

How to Use Lightning or Blockchain to Send Bitcoin

  1. On Cash App’s main page, click the Money tab.
  2. Choose the Bitcoin option.
  3. Click on the ‘Airplane’ icon and select Send Bitcoin.
  4. Input how much you want to send and the receiver’s $Cashtag or Bitcoin address.
  5. Click Next, pick a transaction speed.
  6. Confirm by tapping Confirm & Send.

Remember, there are limits when sending Bitcoin. You can check your weekly and monthly sending caps in the app. Just tap the ‘Profile’ symbol and then choose ‘Limits’.

What ATM Can I Deposit Cash on Cash App Card?

Currently, you can’t put money on Cash App card at ATM. Only withdrawals are possible. For each ATM withdrawal, Cash App deducts $2.50. Additionally, the ATM may have its own fee.

However, if you receive a paycheck of $300 or more through Cash App in one month, some ATMs will allow you free withdrawals with your Cash App Cash Card.

To use your Cash App Cash Card at an ATM, follow these guidelines:

  1. Locate a nearby ATM. A fee of $2.50 is charged when using the Cash App card.
  2. Insert your Cash Card correctly into the ATM slot.
  3. Enter your Cash Card PIN, which is the same as your Cash App PIN. If you can’t recall it, you can reset it.
  4. Choose the option to withdraw cash. The exact terms might differ based on the ATM.
  5. You’ll be prompted to select either a Checking or Savings account. Your Cash Card only connects to one account, so both choices are fine. Select the cash amount you want.
  6. Be aware that certain ATMs might impose their own fees in addition to Cash App’s.
  7. Confirm the withdrawal.
  8. Once approved, take your money. The Cash App will notify you about the withdrawn amount.

Can You Use a Cash App Card in an ATM?

You can use a Cash App Cash Card in an ATM. However, you cannot add cash to the Cash Cash using an ATM. You can only withdraw cash on your Cash App card when using an ATM.


It would be a great feature if users could put money on Cash App card at ATM. However, this is currently not possible. Not to be stranded, consider the alternative funding options provided in this article. Make sure to look out for fees before adding money to your Cash App card. Once your funds have been confirmed in your Cash App, you can proceed to any ATM to withdraw the funds.


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