How to Withdraw Cash from Credit Card Without PIN

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It happens—you could find yourself at an ATM about to withdraw some cash. However, the machine requests you to enter your credit card PIN but it has been ages since you last used it and you can’t recall the PIN. Or, you simply have a reason not to use a PIN. Whatever the situation, this guide discloses ways to withdraw cash from credit card without PIN.

We will guide you through simple methods available to withdraw cash from your credit card—no PIN required.

Note, however, that the interest is higher when you withdraw money from your credit card instead of using it to make purchases online or in-store. Moreover, the interest accrues once you withdraw the cash.

How to withdraw cash from credit card without PIN

How to withdraw cash from credit card without PIN

Having known that it’s possible to get funds from a credit card, below are the methods that allow you to withdraw cash from credit card without PIN:

1. Request a cash advance at the teller

Visit a bank or credit union that has a partnership with your credit card company. You can identify the institution by the logos displayed on their doors or windows. All you require to request a cash advance is your credit card and a valid photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license. Inform the teller about your cash withdrawal requirement to get started.

Cash advances usually include transaction fees and a higher APR than credit card purchases from stores online or in-store. With each cash advance, your bank will charge a front-end fee, or service charge that posts to your account the day of the transaction. So, be sure to review your account terms for details.

A fee typically ranging between 3% and 5% is charged for cash advance service, according to CBNC Select. For instance, if you withdraw $200 at a 5% fee, it would cost you an additional $10.

The cash advance limit may vary based on your card’s terms of use, so it’s advisable to confirm this limit by logging into your online account or contacting your card’s customer service. The credit card limit is the “maximum amount that a person can spend on their card, set by the credit card issuer,” Chase Bank.

Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw more than your credit card’s current balance.

2. Use cash back option at retail stores

Some credit cards, including Discover, provide a cash back feature at stores. It works similarly to withdrawing cash at the time of purchase with a debit card.

Check whether your credit card provides this facility by accessing your online banking account or by contacting customer service. The maximum cash back amount is usually limited by the store policy, which you can find out at the time of checkout or by asking a store employee.

3. Get a prepaid debit card

Consider getting a prepaid debit card from big retailers such as Walmart or Target using your credit card. Unlike regular debit cards, these are not linked to a bank account. The cards are usually pre-loaded with amounts ranging from $50 to $100.

You can set up a PIN by following the instructions provided with the card and then use it at an ATM to withdraw cash.

Note that activation fees and monthly maintenance fees may apply. Withdrawing cash from an ATM typically incurs a fee of $2-3. If the card isn’t pre-loaded, you can decide the amount to be loaded on it. Once the card balance depletes, you can reload it or discard it.

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Alternative methods of making payments—if you have no credit card PIN

Perhaps, you would welcome taking a step away from your credit card entirely. That’s because there are other ways to get cash without going through rhe hassles of credit card PIN requirements.

1. Use a convenience check from your credit card provider

Think of convenience checks as regular checks but with the funds taken from your credit card. Credit card companies often provide these checks to cardholders, so it can be your useful companion if you need to withdraw cash from credit card without PIN.

If you don’t have any, connect with customer service or request through their website. Obtaining these checks might cost a minor fee. Your convenience check is mailed to you upon request.

Do note that convenience checks carry the same fees, high-interest rates, and cash advance limit as that of your credit card cash advance.

2. Purchase a money order

A money order is a certificate, typically issued by a post office, a bank, or stores like Walmart. It is a secure payment alternative for those looking to withdraw cash from credit card without PIN.

When requesting a money order, you specify the amount needed and complete it with the recipient’s name, address, as well as your details. If you buy a money order with your credit card, it is treated as a cash advance, which may come with fees. The cost of purchasing a money order usually ranges from $1-5, with places like Walmart typically being cheaper than banks and post offices.

3. Use a secure mobile payment service

Platforms like Venmo, PayPal, or Cash App negate the need for physical cash. Install the mobile app or access their web platform, then add your credit card information. You can use these apps for in-store purchases that accept these payment methods or to transfer funds to others. Usually, there’s a small cash advance fee of around 3% when using your credit card.

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Can you withdraw cash from an ATM without a credit card?

No, a PIN is needed for cash withdrawal with credit card from an ATM. It ensures that you are the rightful owner of the card and protects the bank and the ATM from fraudulent activities.

If you’ve forgotten or don’t have your PIN, use the methods above to withdraw cash from credit card without PIN.

What to do if you forgot your credit card PIN

Misplacing your credit card PIN is not the end of the road—you can always request a PIN replacement as long as you are the rightful account holder.

You can either request a new PIN online or by contacting your credit card company. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your PIN or need to change it. Most companies offer the option to modify or request a new PIN via your online account.

Alternatively, call the customer service line to get a new PIN, which usually arrives via mail within 2 weeks. Some banks also provide the option to receive your new PIN via email or text if you’re updating it through your online account.


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