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How to Get Money from a Closed Cash App Account

how to get money from a closed cash app account

There is nothing as frustrating as a platform closing down your account when you have money right inside. Cash App is among those platforms, where a single red flag would see your account closed without further communication. In this post, I will show you from experience how to get money from a closed Cash App account.

Due to the ease of sending money from one Cash App untraceably to another Cash App account, or even to other platforms like Venmo, and Direct Express, Cash App is becoming increasingly popular. However, what happens when your Cash App account is closed, and you still have money left in it?

I have had my Cash App account closed down, and it wasn’t fun as usual. I followed some necessary steps and had my account reinstated fast. If you have a closed Cash App account, right after reading this post, you will have ideas on how to get your money from a closed Cash App account.

Why Cash App Close Accounts?

how to get money from a closed cash app account

There are several reasons Cash App closes accounts, even if you have funds inside the account.

a. User-initiated closure

Some people decide to close their Cash App accounts for several reasons like switching to a different payment platform or consolidating multiple Cash App accounts. Whichever reason, this is referred to as a user-initiated closure.

b. Inactivity of Account

This is another top reason for the Cash App account closure. If your account has been inactive for a long time, even if you have money in it, it will be closed down. 

c. Unverified accounts

If you fail to verify your account for a long time, Cash App will have no choice but to shut down your account. They will assume it is a spam account, and therefore shut it down.

d. You used Cash App outside of the United States

If your login is coming from outside of the US, it is typical that Cash App monitors you for a while, and if the login continues, your account will be flagged and shut down. 

In many cases, you might forget to use a VPN and log into your Cash App. That will be considered a violation, which might lead to an account closure. 

e. Fraudulent activities detected

Some things are highly forbidden on Cash App, so if you commit fraud or a privacy scam, it’s the same as committing a serious crime and your Cash App account could be closed.

Guide to get money from a closed Cash App account

Cash App account closed violation of terms of service

Frankly speaking, once your account is closed by Cash App, there is no magical way to get money from a closed Cash App account. So, there is no need to pay someone to help you with some magical secret. You will only waste money and get scammed.

But there are basic certain steps you should take and find a way to open your Cash App account.

  1. Read the email from Cash App
  2. Investigate the reason for account closure.
  3. Contact customer service.
  4. Provide documents for appeal.
  5. Get your money back.

How to get money from a closed cash app account on Policy Violation

If you get an email saying that you have violated Cash App’s terms and policy, then it is a bit straightforward. You won’t lose your cash if your Cash App account got closed due to violating Cash App’s terms of service. All you do is request a refund by contacting Cash App support and request for your money to be transferred to another verified bank.

  • Go to Cash App
  • Click on the menu.
  • Select Support
  • Then send an email of the funds transfer to another verified bank account.

You can use the text below as a template:


I just got a notification that my account was closed due to violation of your terms of service, I wish to request that my funds be transferred to another bank if there is nothing I can do to get it reinstated.


How to get money from a closed Cash App for inactivity

If your account was closed on the grounds of inactivity, then you are also in luck. It is simple to get your account reinstated if it was closed on the grounds of inactivity.

  • Go to Cash App
  • Click on the menu.
  • Select Support
  • Then send an email of account reinstating.


I just got an email that my account was closed due to inactivity. I sincerely apologize for this, and this is because my work schedule that has forced me to work in a country where Cash App isn’t functional.

I can provide all details to prove account ownership, and I wish for my account to be reopened, to allow me to access my funds in it.


How to get money from a closed Cash App for authorized location

Let’s assume you opened Cash App in an unsupported country, but you had someone in the United States who helped you with all your verification and got your account running. Here is how to appeal the closure decision and get money from a closed Cash App account closed for unauthorized use.

  • Open your profile and tap Support.
  • Tap Something Else
  • Send a message.


I was met with the unfortunate news that my Cash App has been closed and I suspect it is because I tried using it from an unauthorized location. I sincerely apologize for this, but this is due to my job, which has forced me to work from outside of the United States.

I opened this account when I was in the United States, and currently, I work in [insert country] as an expat. I currently have funds in my account, and I wish to access them. If you need extra verification from me, please let me know and I will provide everything you need.


Why Cash App closed my account

I opened my account while in the United States and did all my verification. Then I went to Senegal for a business trip, and continued Cash App with a VPN. Then one morning, I got an email, explaining that my account has been closed for breaching Cash App terms and conditions. 

Implications of a closed account

When your account is closed on Cash App, there are several things you can’t do again. Here are some of them:

1. Inaccessible funds

The money in your Cash App account becomes inaccessible once your Cash App account is closed, making it difficult to assess your money. That also means you don’t get to experience sending money instantly without verification anymore.

b. Loss of transaction history

All transaction history associated with the closed account may be lost, making it difficult to keep track of previous payments and receipts.

Can Cash App close your account and keep your money?

When Cash App closes your account for other reasons outside of fraudulent activity, your money is kept for some time to enable you to claim the money. 

If after an extended time, you don’t claim the money, it will go back into the company books, or a chargeback is initiated. 

How do I withdraw money from a closed Cash App?

It is impossible to withdraw money from a closed Cash App account. You will be unable to send, receive, or use the ATM to get your money, till your account is reopened. 


In the meantime, read Cash App Rules and User Agreement to make sure your account doesn’t get closed, and you don’t have to worry about how to get money from a closed Cash App account. By doing this, you can escape a lot of stress and worry.


To get money from a closed Cash App account, you must do the following:

  • Find out why your account was frozen by reading the email.
  • Answer every issue made by the Cash App team in detail.
  • Provide proof and paperwork.
  • Wait for replies
  • Take your cash out of Cash App.
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