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A virtual credit card is a payment method used to complete online transactions without disclosing your real card data or bank information to the merchant. These come in really useful when you buy stuff online, so you don’t have to give out your real card details. And in this post, you will learn about the best free virtual credit card with money.

Some card issuers also give virtual credit cards to enable you to use a newly opened account before the physical card arrives. This means you can start earning rewards or making progress toward a welcome bonus immediately.

Another cool thing about these virtual cards is that they give you extra protection from scams. Plus, they help you manage how much you spend without any extra effort. And just so you know, you can snag these virtual cards for free, some with some enticing bonuses.

Now, I can practically hear you wondering, “Where can I get one?” Don’t worry, we’d give you a curated lineup of top-notch services that provide free virtual credit cards with money, and what they offer. But first…

[box title=”Key Takeaways” style=”soft” box_color=”#333333″ title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”3″]
  • Digital payment tools that protect real card/bank details during online transactions.
  • Enhanced security for online shopping, with some cards offering bonuses or rewards.
  • Notable ones include Emburse, Ramp, US Unlocked, American Express, and Payoneer.
  • Before choosing, consider setup, rewards, security, and read terms and conditions.

Can I Create a Virtual Credit card for Free?

Yes, you can create a virtual credit card for free. But you have to consider the fact that this depends on the rules of the banks or providers that issue them.

Some card providers might give you a virtual credit card for free, but then charge you high annual maintenance fees or even a certain percentage of every transaction to use their services, while others might be upfront about the costs. This is why it’s usually a good idea to read and understand their terms and conditions very carefully.

Sometimes, these virtual card providers might have special deals where they don’t ask for money for a limited time, or they might not charge certain groups of people (membership options).

Nonetheless, to save you the headaches, we’d be giving you a list of some top-notch services that provide free virtual credit cards with money.

Best Free Virtual Credit Cards with Money

free virtual credit card with money

For your convenience, we collected the best free virtual credit card with money out there. We really took “convenience” into consideration and made the selection based on what real users have to say. S0, you can be confident with our picks because they have lots of positives that will help your virtual banking experience.

1. Emburse Virtual Credit Card

Emburse is your go-to for both virtual and physical credit cards. With Emburse, you not only get the convenience of free virtual cards, but you also benefit from real-time insights and reports. This company has your back with role-based permission and approval, keeping your transactions secure and fraud-free.

Emburse doesn’t just stop there. They also offer you a mobile receipt, automatic expense categorization, and support for Apple Wallet and Android Pay. Managing your purchases becomes a breeze, thanks to their user-friendly features.

Now, you might need to do a bit of ‘digging’ into their promotional offers to snag a one-time referral bonus as they’re not that easy to come by. Nonetheless, you will earn an unlimited 1% cash back bonus on any purchases you make.

You can get this free virtual credit card with money here.


  1. Real-time insights and reports for better financial management
  2. Mobile receipt for a hassle-free tracking
  3. Support for popular digital wallets
  4. Automatic expense categorization for easier tracking
  5. User-friendly interface for easy management


  • Real-time insights and reports for better financial control
  • Support for digital wallets like Apple Wallet and Android Pay
  • Cashback rewards on spending
  • Automatic expense categorization for convenience
  • User-friendly features
  • Digital receipts save paper and are easy to manage


  • Limited availability in terms of supported countries
  • Rules might be a bit complicated at first

2. Ramp Virtual Card

Ramp you both virtual and physical cards that you can use anytime. And these cards come with an awesome perk – you’ll earn 1.5% cashback on all your spending, with no limits or restrictions. Redemption is easy, too. Simply apply cash back to your card balance via the payments tab on your Ramp dashboard.

Plus, you won’t have to stress about credit checks or guarantees. They’ve got you covered. That’s what we’d call a win-win situation for you; a free virtual credit card with money.

Ramp virtual credit card takes things up a notch by giving you automatic controls and approvals. Say goodbye to hassle, as Ramp helps you sync with your HRIS, capture receipts, and pay bills without a fuss.

You’ll love how it integrates seamlessly with accounting tools like QBO, NetSuite, Xero, and Sage Intacct. You’ll also have real-time reporting and insights on all your expenses, right on a single dashboard. Ramp’s customer support is top-notch. Trust us on this, you’re in safe hands.

Get Ramp Unlimited Virtual Card


  1. Unlimited 1.5% cashback on all spending
  2. No personal credit checks or guarantees needed
  3. Automated controls and approvals for stress-free management
  4. Seamless integrations with accounting software
  5. Real-time reporting and insights
  6. Exceptional customer support


  • Earn cashback on your purchases
  • Simplified financial management
  • Direct integrations with popular accounting tools
  • User-friendly interface
  • Great customer service


  • More for businesses than for regular people.
  • Some things might be a bit hard to learn.
  • Limited to USD currency

3. US Unlocked

Ever wished you could shop from US websites no matter where you are? Enter US Unlocked. They’re here to make your dreams come true with their Virtual Payment Cards. These cards let you shop like a local on US sites, even if you’re halfway across the world.

And here’s the cherry on top – Us. Unlocked virtual cards are the literal definition of a ‘free virtual credit card with money’. You get a $10 shipping reward on your purchases.

In order to use the card for one-time purchases from a variety of US stores, you need to sign up for their service, load the card with $50, and pay their fees.

Now, US Unlocked offers two types of cards. There’s a one-time use card for extra security and a merchant-specific card that locks onto a particular store after you use it. Loading up your card is a breeze too, with various methods like local bank transfers and more. And they’re available in a whopping 180+ countries, so chances are they cover your corner of the globe.

Get US Unlocked Virtual Credit Card...


  1. Shop on US websites from anywhere in the world
  2. $10 shipping reward on purchases
  3. Secure shopping with 128-bit encryption
  4. Multiple loading methods for the convenience
  5. Two types of cards for added flexibility


  • Access to US online shopping from anywhere
  • Shipping reward for extra savings
  • Wide availability across countries
  • Secure transactions with encryption


  • Not many physical card options.
  • Some things might have fees to use.
  • Some features may require familiarity with online tools

4. American Express

American Express also offers its customers free virtual credit cards. If you are already an American Express customer, you might be able to get a virtual card. And yes, you’ll receive all of the same rewards, security, and benefits of your eligible American Express Card when you use your Amex virtual card number.

Just go to your account on Google Chrome or the Amex app. Link it to your Google account. If you apply online, you can get a virtual card for each real Amex card you have.

Using it is easy too. When you’re buying stuff online, choose the virtual card option. If you’re logged into your Google account, the card details fill in by themselves.


  1. Amex virtual cards mask the real Amex card information
  2. A dynamic 4-digit security code is created by Amex each time a purchase is completed as an additional safety layer
  3. Users can set a minimum spending limit of $200 on their card


  • You can make them quickly.
  • They help you buy stuff online faster with Google.
  • You can manage them easily.
  • They change the security code each time you buy something, so it’s safer.


  • You can’t use them for subscriptions.
  • Only American Express customers can get them.
  • Limited card customization

5. Payoneer

We also have Payoneer, a company that lets you pay and get paid online. Payoneer will also give you a virtual card if you’re in the U.S. Now when it comes to getting rewards, we recommend you sign up via a referral link shared by your friends or any legit one you can find online so you can get a bonus of $25 that will be credited to your Payoneer account once you make a transaction.

Getting one isn’t much of a big deal. First, you need to have a Payoneer account. You’ll also need to show them some ID and where you live. Once they say okay, you can get a virtual card. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Banks & cards part of your account.
  • Pick Payoneer cards.
  • Say you want a virtual card.
  • Choose the money you want on it.
  • Click to order the card.

You can put money on the card from your Payoneer account. But remember, you can’t just cancel the card by yourself. You have to talk to Payoneer’s support team.

Get Payoneer Virtual Card


  1. 3D Secure technology – one-time-only security code to approve transactions
  2. Up to $5,000 total daily spending limit
  3. Up to 30 point-of-sale transactions with a maximum expenditure of $2,500


  • You can only spend a certain amount each day, so you don’t go crazy.
  • It has an extra security feature for buying things online.


  • It only works for Mastercard payments.
  • If you want to cancel it, you have to talk to Payoneer first.

6. Divvy Virtual Credit Card

Divvy is all about making your online payments a breeze. They have a fancy system that combines virtual cards with other helpful tools. With their virtual card service, you can shop online securely using a unique 16-digit card number. Divvy lets you set spending limits for each virtual card, so you’re always on budget.

For Divvy, the cashback rewards stuff is kind of twisted. There’s a catch to it.

You need to spend at least $3,000 every month on advertising to be eligible. The amount of cash back you get depends on how you pay. If you have a secure credit line, you get 2.25% cash back on advertising spending and 1.75% on other eligible transactions.

If you pay monthly, you get 1.75% cash back on advertising spending and 1.5% on other eligible transactions. Lastly, if you have Net-25 payment terms, you get 1.0% cash back on advertising spending and 0.5% on other eligible transactions.

Get Divvy Virtual Credit Card


  1. Set spending limits for each virtual card
  2. Strong encryption for enhanced security
  3. Create, delete, and freeze virtual cards as needed
  4. Flexible loading methods for added convenience
  5. Earn 1% cashback on your purchases
  6. Easy management and control of your spending


  • Secure encryption for protection against data breaches
  • Create, delete, and freeze virtual cards for added security
  • Multiple loading methods for flexibility
  • Cashback rewards on spending
  • User-friendly interface for easy management


  • Some things might require some time to learn.

7. Wallester Virtual Credit Card

With Wallester, a bank from Estonia that works closely with Visa, you can get a free virtual credit card with money. Wallester Business helps companies by giving them a way to easily open an account. They can quickly get as many Visa virtual and real cards as they need. These cards can be used to handle all the company’s expenses on one smart platform.

You can actually start using this solution for free right away. On the Wallester Business website, you can sign up for a free plan. This plan lets you create an account and gives you 300 virtual cards for free. You can try out all the features and see how everything works.

And you’ll also get lots of rewards – asides from the free 300 virtual cards, If you’re on the Platinum plan, you get access to stuff like Priority Pass, Visa Luxury Hotel Collection, and special offers from Premium Visa.

Get Wallester Virtual Credit Card


  1. Unique virtual card numbers for secure online shopping
  2. Turn off subscription services with one click
  3. 300 FREE virtual cards
  4. User-friendly app for easy expense monitoring and transaction approval
  5. Detailed reporting and analytics for tracking transactions


  • Secure online shopping with unique card numbers
  • Easily manage subscription services
  • Gives you 300 virtual cards for free
  • Free virtual cards for added convenience
  • User-friendly app for quick monitoring
  • Detailed reporting for better financial control
  • Lots of things you can do with one card


  • Some people might find it a bit hard to use
  • Using some services might cost you money

8. Privacy Secure Virtual Card

Privacy offers a free virtual credit card with money that you can customize. You can use them for both local and international purchases if the seller accepts U.S. cards. You can make up to 12 free virtual cards every month.

Setting Up and Using Privacy Cards

  1. Sign up for a free account (available on Android and iOS).
  2. Fill in the required details.
  3. Add a bank account.
  4. Create your first Privacy Card.

No credit check is needed, and it works with most U.S. banks.


  1. Unique Cards for Each Merchant. Create different cards for each seller. If a hacker steals the number, they can’t use it elsewhere.
  2. Fast Checkout. With Chrome and Firefox extensions, you can quickly generate card numbers and auto-fill data.
  3. Control Over Cards. You can easily pause or close a card if you suspect suspicious activity or want to block a subscription. This won’t affect your actual bank account.

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What Are Virtual Credit Cards and How Do They Work?

You might hear them called different names like virtual credit cards (VCC), temporary cards, disposable prepaid cards, or virtual debit cards, but they all do pretty much the same thing.

A virtual credit card is like a digital version of your regular credit card. Instead of the usual 16-digit code on your card, it gives you a special number to use. This number is usually for one-time use, but sometimes you can use it again.

The cool thing is, it stops stores from keeping your credit card details. This helps keep your card safe from online thieves.

Virtual card numbers are not the same as digital wallets. Virtual card numbers help keep your real credit card safe when you buy things on the internet. But digital wallets, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Wallet, store different stuff like your credit card info, airplane boarding passes, and tickets for shows.

However, digital wallets can also keep your info safe. For instance, when you use a card from your phone’s wallet, a special 16-digit code takes the place of your real card number. This way, the store you’re buying from can’t see your actual card info.

Using virtual cards is like having a hidden shield for your money when you shop online. Even if hackers get into a store’s computer and find your virtual card info, they can’t do these things:

  1. They can’t find out your real bank account details.
  2. They can’t take all the money from your account because you can make your virtual card disappear after just one purchase.
  3. They can’t use your virtual card somewhere else because you can lock it to just one store.

People really like virtual cards because they help keep your money safe, especially when there are big problems with stores getting hacked and people stealing debit and credit card info.

And they’re popular not just for safety, but also because they help you control how much you spend and make paying for things online even easier.

How to Use a Virtual Credit Card

Using a virtual credit card is easy. It’s just like using your regular card when you buy things on the internet or talk on the phone to order stuff. Instead of typing in the usual 16-digit code from your card, you type in the special code that your virtual card maker gives you.

Sometimes, you can even use this special virtual card at stores that let you pay with your phone or by tapping.

So, should you use a virtual credit card number when shopping online? Yes, it’s a smart way to keep your real card info safe when you buy things online. You can even ask your virtual card issuer to give you a virtual card number that you can use once or a few times. This makes each time you buy something online safer.

What to look for when choosing free virtual credit cards with money

1. All virtual cards do the same basic thing

they hide your online payment trail. If you’re checking out providers that give you free virtual cards, here’s what you should think about to find the best one for you:

Setup and ease of use

Consider how fast it takes to get the card working, if it can be used on different gadgets, how simple it is to stop using it, and of course, how handy it is when you’re shopping.


Look for cards that align with your spending habits and preferences. If you frequently travel, a card offering travel rewards, such as airline miles or hotel discounts, could be a great fit. On the other hand, if you tend to spend more on everyday purchases, a card with cashback rewards or discounts at popular retailers might be more appealing.

Security and Control

Next, think about staying safe and having control. Pick a virtual carda really secure websitesecure. Also, make sure the card lets you change things the way you want. You can make it only work in certain stores and choose how much money you use. It’s not just a card – it’s like a money guardian.

Free Features

Lastly, check out the extra stuff that comes with the card for free. No matter if you’re using it for your job or your own stuff, having all the right things you need is super important.

Whether you’re using it at work or in your regular life, having all the features you  really important.

Final Thoughts – Free Virtual Credit Cards with Money

It has to be said that this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the free virtual credit card services available. However, these are the best virtual credit card providers we’ve come across this year; and we can say they’re the best at what they do.

As with every other thing, we do recommend you take a look at their terms and conditions before you sign up with any of them. Trust us, you don’t want any nasty surprises.

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