FM Deposit Hold See SM (Meaning and Complete Guide)

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Bank statements are sometimes difficult to comprehend. As a TD Bank mobile app user, you may have encountered the term ‘FM Deposit HOLD SEE SM’ in your transaction list. It can be hard to figure out what it means and what actions to take about it. ‘FM Deposit HOLD SEE SM’ is a notification that appears on your TD Bank mobile app when a check deposit has not yet been processed. This message will continue to display on your statement until the check clears.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the meaning of check holds for your bank balance and offer solutions if you frequently encounter this message.

What does FM Deposit HOLD SEE SM mean?

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If you see the message FM Deposit HOLD SEE SM in your TD Bank mobile app next to a check deposit, it means that the bank has not yet fully confirmed and cleared your payment into your account. This hold may last for an extended period if you deposit checks on non-business days, such as weekends or national holidays.

Usually, personal checks take at least 2 business days to clear, but this varies depending on your bank or any additional measures they take.

For example, if you place a check on Monday at TD Bank, you might not see it clearly show up in your account balance until Friday morning.

What to do if I find FM deposit hold-see sm on my bank statement

If you come across an FM Deposit HOLD-SEE SM on your bank statement, consult with your bank’s management team about obtaining an advance for the check that is awaiting processing.

Assuming your request is granted, your bank account will reflect a negative balance. This negative balance signifies that your pending check will be processed, and the outstanding balance will be deducted from your bank account once the transaction is completed.

What happens when a check deposit is on hold?

When a check deposit is on hold, it means that the funds are not immediately available for withdrawal or use. The bank has placed a hold on the deposit for a certain period to verify that the check is genuine and that the funds will be transferred properly.

During the hold period, the funds will not be available for withdrawal or use. If you try to withdraw the funds or use them to make a purchase, the transaction will be declined. 

A check deposit can be placed on hold for several reasons:

  • If a check is for a large amount or if the account has a history of overdrafts or bounced checks, the bank will put a hold on it. This is done to make sure that the cheque clears and that there are enough funds in the account to pay out the money.
  • The check is from a new account or an out-of-state account, which can take longer to clear.
  • If the check is suspected to be fraudulent or counterfeit, the bank may need to verify its authenticity before releasing the funds

How long can a bank hold check funds?

The length of time that a bank can hold a check depends on the type of check, the amount of the check, and the bank’s policies.

For personal checks, banks hold the funds for one to seven business days before making the money available to the account holder. For government or cashier’s checks, the hold period may be shorter, usually one business day.

However, for larger amounts of money, banks place an extended hold on the check, which ranges from several days to several weeks.

A held check deposit should clear within 2 business days of arriving at your bank, however, this may take longer.

This is affected by your bank’s policies when you make your deposit, as well as whether the bank needs to run further checks.

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How long does TD Bank hold Checks?

TD Bank will hold checks for any of the following reasons:

TD Bank will hold checks for up to 5 business days for accounts that are less than 30 days old.

For personal checks over $1,500 and all business checks, TD Bank will hold the funds for up to 7 business days.

For checks deposited through a TD Bank ATM, the hold time varies based on the amount and type of check. In general, funds from checks deposited through an ATM are available within 3 business days.

If you have a history of good account standing with TD Bank and regularly deposit checks, the bank will release the hold on your funds earlier than the stated timeframes.

Also, TD Bank holds deposited checks or other funds for up to 2 business days if made in person at a branch, and up to 7 business days if made via ATM or mobile deposit.

How to avoid TD Bank holds in future?

Try to deposit checks during work hours and at the beginning of the business week. For example, if you pay your check on Monday morning, it should clear by Wednesday.

If you put a check in the bank on Thursday or Friday, you might have to wait until Monday for it to clear.

Again, different things can affect how long it takes for your check to leave hold and clear, so if you’re not sure, you should always ask your bank.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to keep TD Bank from holding your checks and other payments if they fall within the time frames they offer. If you’ve been waiting for your check(s) to clear for more than a week, it’s probably time to look into the problem further.

Should the FM Deposit HOLD SEE SM on your account bother you?

If FM Deposit HOLD SEE SM shows up on your bank account or in your mobile banking app, there’s usually nothing to worry about. No matter which bank sends or gets the check, it needs time to clear.

If you are worried that TD Bank will hold your checks for longer than you think, you should always talk to a customer service representative.

There will be a good reason why your account is being held up, and if the bank can, they may be able to tell you more about it.

Is a mobile deposit subject to a holding period?

You cannot have immediate access to the whole deposit amount whether you deposit cash, a check, an ATM or a TD mobile deposit. As a result, the deposit will be held for a certain time.

Banks put holds on checks to make sure that the person who wrote the check has enough money in their account to clear it. A hold saves your bank and keeps you from spending money from a check that is later returned as unpaid.


What does management check hold mean?

A management check hold is a form of hold placed by a bank on a deposited check. This form of hold is also known as a “special hold.” If the bank finds that a check is a high risk or suspicious, a management check hold is imposed on it.

How long does TD take to release funds?

2 business days. That’s the average amount of time it takes for TD to release funds deposited into your account.

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If you notice the phrase “FM deposit hold SEE SM,” on your bank statement, it means that a temporary hold has been placed on your funds. This precautionary measure allows you to access your money while ensuring the safety of the bank’s operations. Once the hold has been lifted, you may use the funds as you wish, but note that any expenditures made during the hold period are done at your own risk.

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