How to Deposit a Check Online Wells Fargo [Step by Step]

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With Wells Fargo, you can now skip the traditional branch visit and deposit checks right from your smartphone or tablet. It’s as easy as downloading an app and following three simple steps: Point, Tap, and Deposit. So, this post gives a step by step guide on “how to deposit a check online Wells Fargo”.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, Wells Fargo’s user-friendly app puts banking at your fingertips. You just have to get started by downloading the app (if you don’t already have it) and experience this new era of financial flexibility.

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  • Wells Fargo’s mobile app allows check deposits through a simple process of selecting an account, entering the amount, and taking photos of the check.
  • The mobile deposit feature accepts U.S. dollar checks and offers 24/7 deposits without extra banking fees.
  • Deposited funds are generally available the next business day if deposited before 9 pm PT.
  • Mobile deposit limits are shown in the app, and the feature is exclusive to Wells Fargo’s Mobile app.

How to Deposit a Check Online Wells Fargo

How to Deposit a Check Online Wells Fargo

Follow these steps to deposit a check online Wells Fargo, and you’ll have your check deposited in just a few minutes:

1. Get Started

2. Select Account

  • Pick an account from the To dropdown. If you’ve set a default account, it’ll be pre-selected.
  • To create or change your default account, select the desired account from the Deposit To dropdown, then click Make this account my default.

3. Enter Amount

  • Type in the check amount. You’ll also see your account’s remaining daily and 30-day mobile deposit limit.
  • Ensure the entered amount matches the check, then click Done.

4. Take Photos

  • Sign the back of your check and write “For Mobile Deposit at Wells Fargo Only” below your signature, or check the box that reads “Check here if mobile deposit”.
  • Snap a photo of both sides of your endorsed check using the camera button. For clear images, place the check on a dark, plain surface and position the camera directly above it.

5. Submit Deposit

  • Review your deposit information and select Deposit.
  • You’ll receive an on-screen confirmation and an email notification.
  • After depositing, mark the check with “mobile deposit” and the date, and keep it secure for 5 days before discarding it.

Wells Fargo mobile deposit is exclusive to the Wells Fargo Mobile app, and certain limits and restrictions apply. Check with your mobile carrier for coverage details and potential charges.

Refer to Wells Fargo’s Online Access Agreement and your specific account fee disclosures for more information on terms, conditions, and limitations.

We figured you might also need a video guide – here’s one.

If you are interested, here is how banks verifyil your submitted mobile check.

Reasons to Use Wells Fargo Online Check Deposit

Here’s why you should consider using this feature:

It’s a Snappy

With Wells Fargo’s app, taking photos of the front and back of your endorsed check is a breeze. You’ll receive immediate confirmation that the deposit was received, giving you peace of mind.

It’s Handy

No more waiting in line at the bank. Deposit a check directly into your eligible checking or savings account with just a few taps on your mobile device. It’s banking made easy.

Extremely Simple

Getting started with mobile deposit is a cinch. It’s part of the Wells Fargo Mobile® app—all you need to do is download the app, and you’re ready to go.

More Convenient

Why pay extra when you don’t have to? With Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit, there are no additional banking fees. Plus, you can make deposits 24/7, wherever you and your phone go. It’s banking that fits your schedule.

What Types of Checks Can I Deposit?

You can deposit checks payable in U.S. dollars and drawn at any U.S.-based bank. This includes personal, business, and most government checks. They must be payable to and endorsed by the account holder.

Eligible for Mobile Deposit Not Eligible for Mobile Deposit
U.S. dollars checks International checks
Personal checks U.S. savings bonds
Business checks U.S. postal money orders
Most government checks Remotely created checks
Convenience checks
Non-American Express traveler’s checks
Illegible or non-machine-readable checks
Duplicate checks

How Long Deposit a Check Online Wells Fargo?

How long it takes to see your money depends on when you deposit the check:

Deposit Time Availability
Before 9 pm PT on a business day Next day
After 9 pm PT on a business day Day after next
Weekends Generally Tuesday

Note: Some checks may take longer to process, and we’ll notify you if we need to hold a deposit.

Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit Limit?

Yes, your mobile deposit limits are shown for each eligible account when you select a Deposit to account and on the Enter Amount screen. Make sure to check these limits to understand how much you can deposit at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

While working on the topic “how to deposit a check online Wells Fargo”, we have identified the following commonly asked questions.

Why do I not see the Deposit Checks option on my Apple device?

If you can’t see the Deposit Checks option, it might be because your camera is turned off or the Wells Fargo Mobile app doesn’t have permission to access your camera. Here’s how to verify your settings:

  1. Tap on Settings.
  2. Tap Privacy.
  3. Tap Camera.
  4. Make sure the camera is set to ON.
  5. Tap Wells Fargo.

Why do I not see the Deposit Checks option on my Android device?

A: If the Deposit Checks option is not visible, it could be because the Wells Fargo Mobile app does not detect the camera on your device or certain Android permissions are interfering with mobile deposit. Both camera and photo permissions are necessary to use this feature. Here’s how to enable it:

  1. Tap on Settings.
  2. Tap on Apps.
  3. Tap on Disabled.
  4. Locate the Camera and enable it from there.

Is there a fee for using Mobile Deposit?

For most people, using Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit is free. But, keep in mind, your phone company might charge you for data or text messages.

If you have a special type of business account, there might be a fee for mobile deposits. You should check the details about fees for your account to know for sure.

Ultimately, you can’t use Wells Fargo online check deposit with your browser; it won’t work. Only use this feature via the mobile app.

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