Cash App Payment Completed but Not Received [Solved]

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You’ve received an email confirmation stating “Completed. xxx xxx has accepted the $x,000 you sent today”. Despite this, your recipient, a highly respectable friend, claims they haven’t received anything even after waiting for 2 hours. Well, Cash App payment completed but not received is a common problem.

You might be wondering how long it typically takes for the transfer to process, whether you used the recipient’s phone number, email address, or $Cashtag. It seems rather unpleasant that the support team’s advice is for your friend to appeal to them for the funds. But we have the fix you want to hear.

Why is my Cash App payment completed but not received?

Cash App payment completed but not received

Below are the reasons your completed Cash App payment is not yet received:

1. Pending payment

If you have verified that the phone number is correct, and you also received a message that reads “xxx xxx just accepted the $x,000”, it means that your friend must have clicked on an accept button of some sort. However, Cash App has not yet funded their account.

If your friend logs into their Cash App account, the amount you sent should be visible in their transaction history as a pending payment.

2. You sent funds to the wrong person

The worst can happen but we hope it’s not the case. But what if you sent money to the wrong Cash App account? You need to verify that once again and only transact with people you know.

Validate the name of the recipient before sending funds. Confirm the spelling of $Cashtags and make sure to cross-verify the recipient’s phone number or email to avoid any typos.

3. It could be a scam

It’s possible that you’re being scammed, although issues with the Cash App could also be a plausible explanation. Signs it could be a scam:

  • If the sender has mentioned that Cash App provided a confirmation code when they made the transfer and the funds have already been debited from their account. This could suggest a falsified delay in the processing of the transaction.
  • The sender also reports being logged out of their Cash App. Upon logging in again, the app required them to change their $Cashtag name to regain access. After changing her $Cashtag within the same account, all previous activity disappeared, as if she had initiated a new Cash App account.
  • You have reached out to Cash App Support via the app but they couldn’t locate any record of an $800 transaction sent to you.
  • The Cash App email you received the payment notification is not from Cash App. Cash App’s official email address usually ends with,, or
  • The scammer sends you a doctored screenshot. If the screenshot contains blemishes or has no information that you can match with your account, the Cash App payment completed but not received issue is a scam.

4. Technical Cash App glitch

Cash App payment completed but not received could be due to technical issues on Cash App’s end. If Cash App has issues such as network connectivity problems, they will be working to resolve them soon. Until the issue is fixed, you may have to use Cash App with cellular service instead of wifi to avoid issues. Cash App posts updates on their status page via

5. User end problem

The issue could be from your end. In that case, here are actions you can take:

  • Confirm that both your mobile device and the application are updated to the latest versions.
  • Restart your mobile device.
  • Force stop the app on your device and then log back in.
  • Uninstall the app, download it again, and then log back in.

If the issue persists after attempting these steps, reach out to the support team for additional help.

Can a completed Cash App payment be Cancelled?

A completed Cash App payment can’t be canceled, reversed, or refunded. If you mistakenly transferred money to an incorrect account, you can request a refund from the recipient by following these steps:

  • Click the Activity tab on your Cash App main page.
  • Choose the payment in question and click Completed.
  • Click Report an Issue.
  • Choose a reason and click Next to finalize your request.

In case it has been over 30 days since the payment was made:

  • Input the transaction amount on your Cash App main page.
  • Click Request and fill out the To and For fields.
  • Click Request to finalize your request.

Can Cash App fail after completed?

Cash App can fail after being completed. Cash App monitors your account activities to identify any unusual transactions. If there are any signs of a potentially fraudulent payment, they will cancel the payment to protect you from any charges.

In such instances, the money will be immediately reverted to your Cash App balance or the linked bank account. If this does not happen immediately, the funds should be available within 1–3 business days, depending on the procedures of your bank.

How do I know if someone received my Cash App payment?

If someone has received your Cash App payment, you will be notified by Cash App when they accept it. But this does not always mean that they have instantly been credited, especially in situations where Cash App is down.

On the recipient’s end, when they are sent a payment, Cash App logs it in their Activity. The recipient can check their Activity (and locate a recent payment), tap the Activity tab on Cash App home screen, then tap the payment they’d like to know its status.

How long can it take to receive a payment on Cash App?

In the case of Cash App payment completed but not received, how long it takes to receive the payment depends on the cause of the delay in the first place.

If Cash App has a connectivity problem, it can take between 1 and 5 hours. It could be more depending on when connections are restored.

If it’s a pending payment in the recipient’s account, the Cash App balance should be funded soon. The recipient can reach out to Cash App to determine what action to take.

If it has been more than 3-5 working days to receive a completed, contact Cash App.


So, there you go with the common fixes for Cash App payment completed but not received. In urgent situations, get in touch with Cash App customer support to understand what actions you may need to take to receive the funds faster.


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