How to Apply for PayPal Credit and Get it Instantly

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If you have purchases to complete but need to pay later over time, the PayPal Credit is for you.  It is a digital, usable credit line offered by Synchrony Bank that you can use at any store that accepts PayPal. First, you have to apply for PayPal Credit. Approval is typically instant, so if you are qualified, you get to complete your payment at checkout.

PayPal Credit brings you the experience of 6-month special financing on purchases amounting to $99.00 or more. All you need to do is to complete the application form and receive a credit decision in seconds to minutes.

Can I get approved for PayPal Credit?

You can get approved for PayPal Credit as long as you have good credit. So, just go ahead and apply. It should only take a few minutes to complete. PayPal does not specifically say what credit score will get you approved. However, initially approved users have reportedly had credit scores ranging from 660/677/667 from Experian/Equifax/Transunion. Vantage score of 715. Just go for it, you could always be approved for less.

How to apply for PayPal Credit


apply for PayPal Credit

Next up are the steps you need to follow to apply for PayPal Credit.

  1. Navigate to the official PayPal Credit application page. The URL for this is:
  2. Fill out the brief application form on this page. It will require some basic financial and personal information.
  3. Submit your application and wait for a credit decision. This typically takes only a few seconds.

PayPal Credit applications are subject to credit approval. And if your balance isn’t paid off within the promotional period, interest will be charged to your account from the date of the purchase. Minimum monthly payments are required.

Benefits of PayPal Credit:

  • Fast credit decision. After answering a few simple questions, you will know within seconds if you have been approved.
  • No annual fee. You can buy now and pay over time, all year round, without an annual fee.
  • Always there when you need to use it. After approval, PayPal Credit is automatically added to your PayPal account. This allows you to check out quickly, without needing to enter card numbers or expiration dates.¹

PayPal Credit for purchases over $99

PayPal Credit offers an interest-free period for 6 months on purchases exceeding $99. If you manage to pay the full amount within this period, you won’t be charged any interest. However, if the outstanding balance is not cleared within 6 months, interest will accrue from the date of purchase.²

A monthly payment is necessary and may or may not result in clearing the promotional purchase before the end of the 6 months. If the balance is cleared within 6 months, no interest is charged. If not, interest is levied from the purchase date at the Purchase APR that applies to your account.

For a new PayPal Credit account, the Variable Purchase APR stands at 28.49%, subject to fluctuations with the market based on the Prime Rate. The minimum interest charge is $2.00.

Items costing less than $99 can still be eligible for special financing if their combined total reaches or exceeds $99 within a single transaction. Unfortunately, combining multiple transactions, each under $99, will not qualify you for the minimum purchase requirement.

PayPal Credit for purchases below $98.99

If your expenditure is $98.99 or less, PayPal Credit allows you to pay over time. When you pay your balance in full monthly or before the payment due date mentioned in your statement, you can sidestep any interest charges. Alternatively, you can choose to make minimum monthly payments or any additional amount you prefer, until your balance is paid off.

PayPal will send email reminders when your payments are due, so monitor your account and check your statements online anytime. For new accounts, the Variable Purchase APR is 28.49%. This APR may vary with market changes according to the Prime Rate. The minimum interest charge is $2.00.

Why can’t I get PayPal Credit?

There are various reasons you are unable to apply and get PayPal Credit. Below are a few common scenarios.

a. Credit score

You may not meet the minimum credit score requirements for PayPal Credit. PayPal does not specify a credit score though. In some cases, a failed application may put a hard inquiry on your file for a loan you would not qualify for.

b. Additional verification

PayPal may request you complete an account verification process to ensure the checkout information corresponds with your account details. In cases where a verification fails, the purchase gets declined. Hence, ensure that your information on the seller’s website matches your PayPal account details. Consider the following:

  • Is your name identical? Don’t use nicknames or abbreviations.
  • Is the phone number consistent with the one on your PayPal account?
  • Does the entered email align with the one we use to correspond with you?
  • Did you enter the accurate billing address at checkout?
  • Is your shipping address different from your billing address?

c. Account closure

In some cases, your PayPal Credit account might be closed after approval.³ Refer to your latest billing statement to find out. If your account closure is indicated under the “Important Account Information” section on your billing statement, your account is no longer active. The absence of any notification in this section shows that your account is active.

d. Ineligible purchase

Not all purchases might be eligible for PayPal Credit. Your credit line may sometimes be restricted from use, even if the seller accepts PayPal Credit. Under such circumstances, try completing your purchase using another available payment method.

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What is maximum PayPal Credit limit?

The maximum PayPal Credit limit on your PayPal Credit account is determined by Synchrony Bank.⁴ You can check this limit via your account. Go to your Dashboard and click PayPal Credit.

What is available credit in PayPal?

In PayPal, available credit is the credit limit attached to your PayPal account which can be used for your online purchases. If you successfully applied for PayPal Credit, the credit will be available as a funding source in your PayPal wallet.

Does PayPal Credit have a card?

No, PayPal Credit is a virtual line of credit.

How do I add PayPal Credit to my wallet?

PayPal Credit is automatically added to your PayPal wallet after you are approved.

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  4. What is the credit limit on my PayPal Credit account? PayPal
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