Amazon Pay with Checking Account [How to Add Account]

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They say that time is money, but with Amazon Pay linked to your checking account, you can save both. It’s a secure and easy way to pay for your online purchases, without the added costs of credit cards.  When you link your Amazon Pay with checking account, you enjoy the convenience of automatic payments. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of setting up Amazon Pay with your checking account, and explore the advantages of this payment method.

If you want to save money and shop stress-free, keep reading.

Amazon Pay with checking account

Amazon Pay is an online payment service that lets you use your Amazon accounts to pay for products and services on third-party websites. It’s fast, secure, and convenient, and it also offers you the protection of Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee. Here’s how you can link Amazon Pay with your checking account in a few simple steps: 

1. Sign in to your Amazon account

To link Amazon Pay with your checking account, you need to sign in to your Amazon account first. Go to Amazon’s homepage and click on the Sign in button at the top right corner of the page. Enter your email address and password, and click on Sign in again.

2. Go to “Your Payments”

Once you’re signed in, go to Your Payments by hovering over the Account & Lists menu at the top right corner of the page and clicking on Your Payments.

3. Add a checking account

On the Your Payments page, you’ll see a list of your payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and checking accounts. To add a new checking account, click on the Add a checking account button under the Checking Accounts section.

4. Enter your checking account details

On the next page, you’ll need to enter your checking account details, such as:

  • Bank routing number (also known as ABA code)
  • Account number
  • Name and address of the principal account holder
  • Driver’s license number or state-issued ID number and issuing state

You can find your bank routing number and account number on your checks or your online banking portal. Make sure you enter them correctly and double-check them before proceeding.

The checking account must be an ACH-enabled personal account at a bank branch located in the U.S. Savings accounts are not eligible.

Click on Continue when you’re done.

5. Confirm your checking account

On the final page, you’ll see a confirmation message that your checking account has been added as a payment option.

You’ll also receive an email from Amazon Pay with a verification code that you need to enter on this page to verify your checking account. Enter the verification code and click on Verify to complete the process. Congratulations! You’ve successfully linked Amazon Pay with checking account.

How to use Amazon Pay with your checking account

Now that you’ve linked Amazon Pay with your checking account, you can use it to pay for products and services on thousands of websites that accept Amazon Pay which accepts checking account online. To use Amazon Pay with your checking account, follow these steps:

  • Go to a website that accepts Amazon Pay and add items to your cart.
  • Proceed to checkout and look for the Amazon Pay button.
  • Click on the Amazon Pay button and sign in with your Amazon credentials.
  • Choose your checking account as the payment method and confirm your order.

That’s it! You’ve just paid with Amazon Pay wkth checking account.

Benefits of using Amazon Pay with checking account

There are many benefits of using Amazon Pay with your checking account, such as:

1. Convenience

You don’t need to enter your payment information every time you shop online. You can use the same payment method that you use for shopping on

2. Security

Your payment information is not shared with third-party websites. Amazon Pay uses advanced encryption and fraud detection technology to protect your transactions.

3. Protection

Your eligible purchases are covered by Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee, which means you can request a refund if you don’t receive your order or if it’s significantly different from what was advertised.

4. Savings

You can save money by avoiding credit card fees and interest charges. You can also earn rewards by using certain checking accounts that offer cash back or points for online purchases.

Can I use Amazon Pay with bank account?

Yes, you can. And It’s fast, secure, and ready when you are. If you are a merchant who sells products or services using Amazon Pay, you can add a bank account for disbursements. This means Amazon will deposit your earnings from Amazon Pay transactions into your bank account. To add a bank account for disbursements, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Seller Central with your Amazon Payments merchant account.
  • Click Settings, and then click Account Info.
  • Click Bank Account Information, and then click Assign.
  • Enter all required bank account information such as bank sort code, bank account number, and bank account holder name, and then click Set Deposit Method.

Why Amazon Pay is not linking to bank account?

If you’re trying to link your Amazon Pay account to a bank account, here are, here are some possible reasons and solutions: 

1. Incorrect or incomplete bank account information

Make sure you have entered the correct account number, routing number, account holder’s name, and other details. If you have made a mistake, you can edit or delete your bank account information and try again.

2. You have not verified your bank account

Some banks may require you to verify your bank account before you can receive payments from Amazon Pay. You can do this by logging into your online banking account and confirming the small deposits that Amazon Pay has made into your account.

If you have not received the deposits, you can contact your bank or Amazon Pay customer service for assistance.

3. Technical glitch or error

Sometimes, due to network issues, server problems, or other technical reasons, you may not be able to link your Amazon Pay to your bank account. In such cases, you can try again later or contact Amazon Pay customer service for help.

Does Amazon offer a checking account?

Amazon is the online retail giant that sells everything from books to groceries to cloud computing services. But does it also offer a checking account? The answer is not yet, but it might soon. 

However, reports indicate that Amazon is in talks with several large banks, such as JP Morgan Chase and Capital One, to create a co-branded checking account. The account would be aimed at young consumers, especially those who don’t have bank accounts or credit cards.

Amazon has not officially announced any details about the checking account, but some possible features and benefits have been speculated. For example, the account could offer lower fees than traditional banks, such as no overdraft charges or minimum balance requirements. 

Does Amazon accept payment by check?

No, Amazon does not accept payment by check. Amazon’s accepted payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, Amazon gift cards, Amazon store credit, and Amazon Pay. If you do not have a credit or debit card, you can purchase an Amazon gift card with cash and use it to make purchases on Amazon. 

Additionally, some third-party sellers on Amazon may accept payment by check or money order, but this is not a standard payment option offered by Amazon itself.

Conclusion – Amazon Pay with checking account

Everybody wants convenience—even more—we all want convenience while saving a few dollars here and there every time we shop on Amazon. Ultimately, when you link your checking account to Amazon Pay, you can gain just that. With this payment method, you can experience hassle-free online shopping while also keeping more money in your pocket.

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