Add Cash to Venmo Card at Walmart: Is it Possible?

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It is not currently possible to add cash to Venmo card at Walmart. Nevertheless, there is still a walk-around way to add money to your Venmo balance through your bank, direct deposit, of check cashing since you can’t directly deposit cash onto your Venmo card at this time.

While Walmart may provide services for loading cash onto specific prepaid cards, Venmo does not allow this cash loading service. Read on to see the option to add money to your Venmo balance and why it is not possible to add cash to Venmo card at Walmart.

How to add cash to Venmo card at Walmart

How to add cash to Venmo Card at Walmart

Venmo does not provide a direct option to add physical cash to your Venmo account or Venmo Debit Card at Walmart. Venmo primarily operates as a digital payment platform, facilitating electronic money transfers between linked bank accounts and cards. Nevertheless, you can still use your Venmo Debit Card for purchases at Walmart or any other establishment that accepts Mastercard.

Note that the card needs to be linked to your Venmo balance, enabling you to make payments directly from your Venmo account.

If you intend to add cash to Venmo card at Walmart, your options are limited to transferring money electronically from a verified bank account or receiving payments from other Venmo users. These methods allow for the transfer of funds into your Venmo account, which can then be used for transactions using the Venmo Debit Card or other Venmo payments.

Adding a card to a Venmo card at Walmart is not possible due to technical limitations like the lack of integration with Venmo’s platform to support cash deposits into Venmo accounts.

Not possible due to operational complexity because facilitating cash deposits at physical locations like Walmart will require Venmo to create a network of cash systems like logistics.

It can be an important feature

Of course, it would be valuable for Venmo to introduce support for users to be able to add cash to Venmo card at Walmart. Additionally, it could provide an option for people who do not have bank accounts or want to use physical cash. This feature or function would certainly come with costs and operational complexities.

There is currently no time frame regarding when Venmo and Walmart will integrate the adding physical cash feature. However, Venmo frequently updates its features and services, so it is advisable to visit their official website or contact customer support for the most up-to-date information regarding adding cash or alternative payment options.

Adding money to your Venmo balance

At this time, only Venmo users who have been approved for a Venmo Mastercard Debit Card can add money from a verified bank account directly to Venmo balance. If you haven’t done so already, you can add a bank account to your Venmo profile and verify it.

If you have a Venmo Debit Card and want to add money to your Venmo balance, follow these steps in your Venmo app:

  1. Open the Venmo app and go to the “Me” tab.
  2. In the Wallet section, tap on “Manage Balance.”
  3. Enter the amount you want to transfer and tap “Next.”
  4. Confirm the bank account you want to transfer money from, review the transfer details, including the estimated arrival date, and then tap “Add {amount of transfer} now.”

Once you initiate the transfer, note that it cannot be canceled. Meanwhile, Venmo is one of the instant transfer apps without debit card requirements.

You don’t necessarily need funds in your Venmo account to make payments to other Venmo users. Moreover, you can use a linked funding source to fund payments.

Venmo users who have completed the required identity verification by applying for the Venmo Debit Card or setting up direct deposit may be eligible to use the Cash a Check service within the app.

Standard Add Funds on Venmo allows you to add up to $10,000 per week, subject to security checks. Instant Add Money has a separate limit of $500 per week.

How long does it take to add funds to Venmo balance?

Standard Add Money transfers usually take 3-5 business days for the funds to reach your Venmo balance when you add money. The funds from the transfer will not be available until the process is complete.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind about these transfers:

  • The timing of your transfer can be influenced by factors such as weekends or holidays.
  • While the transfer is processing, you might see a completed charge in your bank account before the funds reach your Venmo account.
  • To check the status of your transfer, you can go to the “Me” tab in the Venmo app and view your personal transactions feed.

If the money doesn’t appear in your Venmo account after 5 business days, contact Venmo Support. Transfers are subject to review, which may cause delays or result in funds being frozen or removed from your Venmo account.

I don’t see the option to add money in Venmo app

If you are still looking for the option to add money in your Venmo app, it’s because currently, only users who have applied for and received a Venmo Debit Card can manually add money to their Venmo balance.

However, adding money to your Venmo balance is not necessary for paying friends or businesses within the app.

Can I add money to my Venmo account at a bank or store?

As mentioned earlier, you can only add money to your Venmo account through the Venmo app. Currently, there is no way to add physical cash to your Venmo account at stores or banks.

That’s why you can’t add cash to Venmo card at Walmart.

Does Venmo allow you to cancel transfer to your Venmo balance?

Once you initiate a transfer to your Venmo balance, it’s not possible to cancel it.

Also, Venmo Support team cannot cancel this type of transfer on your behalf. Nevertheless, if you change your mind after initiating a transfer, you can transfer the money back to your bank.

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If your transfer to your Venmo balance fails, you’ll receive an email notification, and the funds won’t move from your bank to Venmo.

Conclusion—add cash to Venmo card at Walmart

From this discussion, you can see that it’s not possible to add cash to Venmo card at Walmart.

Venmo tends to focus on electronic transfers and linking bank accounts or debit cards for funding purposes.

While Walmart offers various financial services, including money transfers, Venmo’s integration with Walmart is limited to providing the option for customers to use their Venmo balance for in-store purchases at select Walmart locations. Therefore, adding cash directly to a Venmo card at Walmart is not a feature currently available. As an alternative, you can add money to your Venmo balance to make purchases in stores.

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